Studio Project

The function as a stand-alone musical project is and 
was the core of VI ever since.

VI’s original music comes straight out of the depths of a virtual world!
Dark riffs, vertiginous melodies. Hold up by drum passages like explosions and a wide-
ranging harmonic frame. Electronic soundstorms and ambient spheres join forces.

It’s the vision and concept of Hamburg-based musician Julian Seiler, who does all of
writing, producing and builds up the ideas himself.
His inspirations are stylistic elements of metal and jazz but on the other side soundtracks
of video-games, especially japanese RPGs.

The songs are made of countless diverse elements, but still keep a straight line, that
moves through different levels. One motif leads to another like web.
The remarkable and unique style creates a constant mood of walking through
surreal places.

There have been released two full-length albums and one EP to date.

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