Visual Insanity is the vision of a creative place, a production company and a
musical studio project brought together as one, headed by Hamburg-based
musician Julian Seiler.



Visual Insanity stands for experienced custom made composition and music
productions for movies, commercials, video games, videos and companies.
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Musical project:

„The first idea of VI started in 2015. I’ve been recording sound-focused song ideas /
demos at home for quite some time, but they didn’t fit in the minimal concept of the
post rock trio I had at that time, there wasn’t any use for them.
So I decided to create a solo project to realize my ideas. Visual Insanity was
born and turned into a recording project at first to realise my musical visions.“

Meanwhile the concept and direction has progressed and became more precise.
The main idea consists in generating an electronic music mood using elements and
sounds of rock and metal music aswell as the other way around.
Combined with some jazzy chord progressions and partly unusual instrumentation
Visual Insanity creates a unique and well-fitting mix of contrary styles!